I’m a software engineer with CJ Affiliate. We do online advertising, but we do it the right way. Instead of automated cookie scrutiny belching out formulaic, irrelevant ads, we build tools that allow publishers (e.g., your favorite blogs) to connect directly with advertisers (e.g., the stores you shop at) so that the publishers can hand-pick the most relevant ads for their audiences. This kind of advertising is called affiliate.

I finished my PhD in Mathematics (specifically, Algebra and Lie Theory) at Auburn University under Huajun Huang in June 2014. I still find time to do research on occasion.

I grew up in Rialto, California and did my undergrad at Cal State Channel Islands in Camarillo. I currently live in beautiful Santa Barbara and can often be found at the Santa Monica Haskell Users Group and at Papers We Love, LA.

My hobbies include tabletop and video games, Linux, coding, urban design and transportation, and guitar. I’m also an Eagle Scout.